Monetary Donations

The Sun Peaks Historical Society is an incorporated non-profit society that will rely upon membership fees, donations and grants to fulfill the purposes stated in it's Constitution.

If you would like to make a one-time donation please complete the attached form. Donations may be made by payable by:

  • E-transfer to: (security question: our ABBREVIATIONSYEAR answer: SPHS2021 )

  • OR, by cheque, payable to: Sun Peaks Historical Society.

Cheques may be mailed to:

Sun Peaks Historical Society

â„… Kristin Passmore

21-2715 Fairways Dr

Sun Peaks, BC V0E5N0


Potential Donations of Records and Artifacts to the Collections

We are currently building our infrastructure to accept, manage, preserve and provide access to original records and items of historic and cultural significance to Sun Peaks and it's surrounding areas. While we cannot accept items into our collection quite yet, we look forward to being able to do so soon!

If you think you might have such item(s) to donate please let us know by filling out the donations form below. A member of the Sun Peaks Historical Society will get in touch to learn more about your potential donation.

We seek original items, in good condition, of the following types:

  • Textual records

  • Photographs

  • Maps, pamphlets or posters

  • Video or audio recordings

  • Artifacts (such as signage, local team paraphernalia, early Tod Mountain/Sun Peaks logo ware, etc.)